How to build your startup while staying financially secure

Starting a business doesn't have to mean financial stress. There are two main ways to build your startup while staying financially secure. Here’s my take on both, and which approach I used.

1. The Evenings and Weekends Hustle
The first approach is tough but practical for most. Work on your business during evenings and weekends while your current job pays the bills. Yes, it means slower progress and less focus, but it offers financial stability. Your bills are covered. This gives you an "infinite runway" to build your business.

2. The Personal Runway Approach
The second approach is harder for most people to achieve but offers complete focus. Save enough money to build a personal "runway." For example, if your living costs are $3000 a month, saving $36,000 would give you 12 months to work on your startup full-time. This means taking on financial risk, but allows for undivided attention on your business.

But, most people underestimate how long this takes. You need 12-18 months to see significant revenue. It takes six months to understand customer problems and build an MVP. Then another six to pilot and iterate, and another 12 months to pivot if needed. A two-year runway is safer before quitting your job.

I took the second approach. As a student, I had a runway since I wasn't earning during my studies. Balancing both studying and building a company, I realised it was the perfect time to take the leap. It allowed me to focus on my startup without the pressure of financial obligations.

Which approach will you use?

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